Aude Moreau

Topography of Residual Colour

Intervention / installation
Galerie B-312, Montréal, 2004.

In drawing up a geopraphic map of the City of Montreal using the leftover paint residents used to paint their interiors, Topographie de la couleur résiduelle redeploys the domestic experience associated with the private sphere of territorial occupations within the topography of urban space. The recycling of this waste material reconfigures the spaces of an experience and the meaning that its use generated, as it testified by the inscriptions on the paint pots (Camille’s room, green, living room, yellow Naomi London) that are re-transcribed on the gallery walls.

In parallel, the proportional mixing of all the colours together defines the colour of the collection, a uniform chromatic space that is nevertheless unique—the result of a meticulous mix of each of the 1500 collected samples—a homogeneous grey which renders each of its parts illegible. This grey covers the part of territory that was not part of the sampling and it reflects the fear of emptiness and holes that haunts a statistical method which generalizes its sample data to the whole of the territory.

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