Aude Moreau

Shooting the Stars

Intervention / Installation
Casino Luxembourg forum d’art contemporain, 2009
Axenéo7, Gatineau, 2005

The installation Tirer le ciel reproduces the sky chart. Each star is represented by a hole created through a bullet impact – bullets of different calibers (177, 22, 308, 9, 50, 12) depending on the magnitude of the stars. More than a thousand stars are thus represented, which corresponds approximately to what the human eye perceives in ideal stargazing conditions.

If gazing at the stars is to question the origin of the world, from ancestral conceptions to the theory of relativity, Tirer le ciel flattens this questioning by transferring it to a Surface-Screen. This reduction marks an inversion of the trajectory in a context where the development of a dialogue between man’s symbolic and material production is essential for his future.

Tirer le ciel

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