Aude Moreau

Ariadne’s Thread 2

Marseille-Basel-Venice, 2002

In the end, it was not the end. In the end a pile remained. After exhausting the gesture in the gallery, “nothing” didn’t remain. Neither the garbage nor storage seemed justified as ends in and of themselves. Just a putting out of sight. I decided that the trip would determine the outcome. I drew up an itinerary – pretext: Marseille-Basel-Venice-Sarajevo-Knossos, put the refuse in a transparent box to show that I had nothing to hide and I embarked on my journey. I transported the matter that resulted from stripping the gallery from one city to the next with the goal of finding an end. To take nothing away from the matter nor add anything to it. To simply wish for it to come to an end. Nothing happens or rather, while nothing happens…

Le fil d'Ariane
Le fil d'Ariane

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