Aude Moreau

Ariadne’s Thread

La Centrale galerie Powerhouse, Montreal, 2000

Undoing is doing and doing is undoing
Over a period of two months, I cut out the red paint with which I had previously covered the walls and floor of the gallery until the space was returned to its original white state. Through this daily carving process—undertaken during the opening hours—I simultaneously put forth a doing and an undoing in search of visual forces that are not the expression of an “I” bound up by his or her cultural projections, but which deploy gestures that are not guided by the plan of a drawing to come. It is through the accumulation of repeated attempts, almost always spontaneous, that the multiplicity of graphic forces is constructed and that a continuity, which is reconciled in nothingness, is drawn out. This implies that the set of experiences reconfigure a “has taken place” that reduces the art object and the exhibition space to the their transitory qualities.

Le fil d'Ariane
Le fil d'Ariane - document

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