Aude Moreau

Going on empty

Video installation
Centre d’exposition Plein sud, Longueil, 2010

“Cornered in the reflection of my turned off television, there is almost nothing left of my living space.”

When a television is turned off, in the screen’s dark background there remains an image that reflects the physical place of a habitat. When the onslaught of media images ceases, the reflection of the living space is substituted for the dematerialized flow of televisual production, which organizes and frames domestic life.
The installation “Faire le vide” is structured around two experiences at work in the reverse angle of television images. The first is the reflection of the turned off television screen while I empty my home. The second focuses on the luminous vibrations reflected on the walls during the broadcasting of an end of the world movie. These two experiences are articulated around the axis of the door, which is dematerialized in the filmed sequence of the reflection, and rematerialized in the exhibition space to house the residual image of the film The Day after Tomorrow.

Faire le vide
Faire le vide
Faire le vide

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